USDCHF Flash Crash Monday 11th Feb 2019

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200 pips crash USD/CHF Asian Session Begins


Monday trading was shocked by the flash crash which involve Swiss franc safe-haven currency.

Looking at the price movement on USD/CHF pair as soon the Asian session starts early in the morning, prices continue to surge around 100 pips almost reaching the 1.0100 price level before plummeting more than 100 pips further downgrade making more than 200 pips volatile price movements in just an hour. Volatile movement also occurs in all currencies matched with the CHF currency.

What has causes this situation to happen?

First of all, it should be noted that Asian session trading has very low liquidity at the very beginning of trading on Monday.

Last week, Chinese worldwide are celebrating the new year and market movement in China are moving slow because of the full week holiday. China economy is the world’s second largest after the US and had a huge impact on global financial markets.

The start of the new week, investor from China begins to be active in the market and this has impacted the liquidity of the market on Swiss market while they are still on holiday. This flash crash phenomenon will usually involve safe-haven trading and can be affected by the supply and demand activity in the market.

If you’re a “morning person” you might have gain this on USD/CHF trading position earlier in the morning!

XSOCIO Markets Holiday Hours

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In an effort to protect clients from adverse liquidity conditions during thin, holiday markets, and to provide consistency of executable pricing, XSOCIO Markets has decided to announced holiday trading hours to the following times: –


December 24th, 2018 (Christmas Eve) – Close at 3 pm Eastern Standard Time
December 25th, 2018 (Christmas Day) – Open at 9 pm Eastern Standard Time
December 31st, 2018 (New Year’s Eve) – Close at 3 pm Eastern Standard Time
January 1st, 2019 (New Year’s Day) – Open at 9 pm Eastern Standard Time


For more information, feel free to contact our Live Chat or email at [email protected]

Kind Regards,

XSocio Markets Team

GBP Margin Requirement Changes

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In response to the significant increase in volatility surrounding the British Pound, as a result of the UK’s ongoing Brexit negotiations Parliament vote, XSocio Markets has decided to temporarily adjust the margin requirement for all GBP FX pairs. This change is being implemented after careful consideration and is designed to protect both the firm and its clients from adverse price action in thin.

The following changes will be implemented:-

Effective December 11th 2018 5:00 AM GMT+8, the margin requirement on all GBP FX pairs will be increase until further notice.

Account type Margin requirement
Pro, Classic and Xsocio-Micro Increased by 3 times, 1:100 (max)
Cent, ECN and Xsocio-Pro Increased by 2 times, 1:250 (max)

Please monitor margin on your deposit with XSocio Markets accordingly, and make any adjustments/changes deemed necessary.

Weekly Forex News 13 – 17 August 2018

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Weekly Forex News 13 – 17 August
– The US dollar remains dominant

This week focuses on sales and US housing data, Australian job reports as well as important UK data.

The crisis in Turkey has been a global concern and ECB’s concern over the exposures of European banks in Turkey.

The impact has brought risk-offs on the market as well as a surge in the US dollar and Yen last Friday.

German GDP
UK jobs report

UK inflation report
US Retail Sales

Australian jobs report
GBP Retail Sales
US housing data

AUD RBA Statement
Canadian inflation
US Consumer Sentiment