GBP Margin Requirement Changes

By 10/12/2018News

In response to the significant increase in volatility surrounding the British Pound, as a result of the UK’s ongoing Brexit negotiations Parliament vote, XSocio Markets has decided to temporarily adjust the margin requirement for all GBP FX pairs. This change is being implemented after careful consideration and is designed to protect both the firm and its clients from adverse price action in thin.

The following changes will be implemented:-

Effective December 11th 2018 5:00 AM GMT+8, the margin requirement on all GBP FX pairs will be increase until further notice.

Account type Margin requirement
Pro, Classic and Xsocio-Micro Increased by 3 times, 1:100 (max)
Cent, ECN and Xsocio-Pro Increased by 2 times, 1:250 (max)

Please monitor margin on your deposit with XSocio Markets accordingly, and make any adjustments/changes deemed necessary.