Some of the questions and issues that are often encountered by our customers. If you don’t find what you need in the list below, please contact us on live chat.

How do I invest in Multiple Manager Accounts?

To invest in Multiple Accounts, you may login to PAMM Account area, choose ‘top ranking’ and select on ‘top manager’. You will be able to choose Manager that suitable with your criteria.

* Please be note that you only able to select PAMM Manager depending on how much deposit to invest.

How many Accounts can be open on PAMM Accounts?

You are allowed to Open PAMM Trading Accounts up to 20 at one time.

How to Increase my Capital Account?

You can login to PAMM Account, choose my account and select an account. The account list will appear and on the right there is a button deposit that you can deposit.

Can I withdraw the profit if the duration contract not expired?

You may withdraw the profit but penalty will be charged depends on Manager offer.

If the contract already ended, is there any penalty will be charged?

No. There is no charges will be made once the contract already end.

How PAMM Manager do a withdrawal of the profit commission?

For your information, each profit order commision will automatically transfered into the wallet Manager.

How to know when the period of trading start?

The trading period will start count on date once the fund manager has approved investor request.